Links Fore Learning 2019

Eitz Chaim Schools


When Eitz Chaim opened its doors in 1917, the objective of the founders was to open the doors of Education to all Jewish children in Toronto, regardless of financial ability and life circumstance. Eitz Chaim had the vision of building Jewish life in Toronto for generations to come.

As stated in its mission “The mission of Eitz Chaim School is to provide a challenging, nurturing, inspiring, and intensive Jewish Studies program and an exceptional General Studies program. We prepare students for a joyful, life-long relationship with Hashem rooted in Torah learning, mitzvah observance, derech eretz, and yiras shomayim. We promote ahavas Yisrael for all Jews and foster life skills that enable students to make a Kiddush Hashem in the wider Jewish community and world.” 

A key part of fulfilling Eitz Chaim’s mission has been its relationship and collaboration with UJA. The Links Fore Learning Tournament is an opportunity for Eitz Chaim to demonstrate our appreciation to UJA for its support in assisting Eitz Chaim in fulfilling its mission. The Links Fore Learning Golf Classic raises much needed funds to help support services for children with special education needs in the Jewish day school system. Each dollar donated to Link Fore Learning results in many more dollars going towards Eitz Chaim (i.e. $1 donated potentially equals $1.50 to Eitz Chaim). 

Each generation of leaders confronts its own set of communal challenges particular to the times of the day. In the world of education research reveals anywhere from 30 to 50% of students have learning challenges. Issues of conduct disorder, depression, anxiety disorders and family complexities. If Eitz Chaim is to continue to adhere to its foundational principles it must maintain its current collaborative model.  This includes maintaining specialized teaching staff, the training of classroom teachers in progressive classroom/student management techniques, maintaining its current literacy skills prevention-intervention model in the early years (JK to Grade 2) and a clinical coaching model of service delivery that allows for students with more complex therapeutic needs, who otherwise would not be able to receive a full time Jewish education. By supporting the Links Fore Learning, you are affording these students an opportunity to learn and grow with the varying support they need to succeed. 


Staffing/Program Resources

  1. Early & Leveled Literacy Intervention (JK through Grade 2)- staff resourcing, texts & assisted learning devices.
  2. Tiered Intervention that addresses a spectrum of student needs from advanced to challenged students- staff resourcing, texts & educational technology-based programs.
  3. Coaching teachers on adapting practices to address challenging student learning needs- staff coaches & professional development.
  4. Class-wide interventions – to increase all student academic engagement & performance – staff coaches & professional development.
  5. Evaluation & Outcomes: tracking of impact on students with trending data & program outcome evaluation. Regular bi-annual reporting to the Foundation.
  6. Clinical Services: social work & psychological consultation, speech/language & occupational/physical therapy services.


Total number of students in the School:           850

Number of students directly served:                 238 (28% student body)

Number of staff employed:                                 19 (part-time between each at 15-20 hrs/week)


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