Sderot is a picturesque town in the southern district of Israel; it is less than 1 mile from Gaza. For the past 13 years, the 25,000 residents of Sderot have suffered considerably living with the threat of daily rocket attacks. Since the summer of 2014 it has been relatively quiet but the enormous task of rebuilding the community after years of terror has remained

UJA Federation's Goal in Sderot:

  • To ensure Sderot’s resilience by investing in education and community programming that offers opportunities for the next generation to become Israel’s community and economic leaders

Impact of UJA’s partnership with Sderot:

  • Fortified Sderot’s Community Center (as a JFC-UIA National project)
  • Developed a strong, vibrant Youth Department for Sderot, now fully operated by the municipality
  • Stabilized formal and informal activities and services in the city, over the years, in times of peace
  • Increased the city’s ability to operate independently in times of emergency and to help other communities in Israel when under stress

STEEM Success Highlights
  • 360 kindergarten children are taking part in the Robomath program
  • 500 elementary school children are using five new science laboratories
  • 200 junior high and high school pupils are taking part in a research-oriented math program
  • 20 math elementary and high schools math teachers are taking part in in-service training
  • Matriculation rates in Sderot are ranked top among all towns in southern Israel
  • Providing educational guidance and job counselling to thousands in the Netivim centre for Young adults
  • 250 Students received full college scholarships.

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