Links Fore Learning
Golf Classic

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

The Goodwood Golf Club

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About Links Fore Learning Golf Classic

The Links Fore Learning Golf Classic raises much needed funds to help support services for children with special education needs in the Jewish day school system. Approximately one quarter of students enrolled in the day schools have special needs and receive specialized programs and services. By supporting the day school system through the Links Fore Learning Golf Classic, you are affording these students an opportunity to learn and grow with the varying support they need to succeed.

Over the past 18 years, moneys raised from this tournament have been directed towards special education services, bringing the total to over $3,600,000. Last year’s tournament was held at the prestigious Hamilton Golf & Country Club and was a tremendous success, raising over $600,000 for this worthy cause.

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Top Fundraisers 2018

  1 -  Personal Gift Craig Guttmann ($89,247.50)
  2 -  Personal Gift Ron Appleby ($50,428.00)
  3 -  Personal Gift Eric Petersiel ($31,960.00)
  4 -  Personal Gift Ezra Jakubovic ($28,900.00)
  5 -  Personal Gift Stephen Altbaum ($20,747.00)
  6 -  Personal Gift Jay Heller ($14,000.00)
  7 -  Personal Gift Ken Kirsh ($13,222.00)
  8 -  Personal Gift Ronald Steiner ($12,742.00)
  9 -  Personal Gift Bruce Leboff ($12,116.00)
  10 -  Personal Gift Mark Grenville ($10,089.00)


Ronald Appleby


Craig Guttmann, Sean Guttmann, Perry Steiner, Ron Steiner


Stephen Altbaum

Bobby Berger

Warren Bongard

Mitch Feintuch

Mark Grenville

Jay Heller

Ezra Jakubovic


Ken Kirsh

Bruce Leboff

Stacy Mitchell

Gerry Richler

Richard Sherman

Ronnie Strasser

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